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Rep. Chris Millis" comments
on the State Budget:
Pleased to Report this budget is -

A continuation of fiscal responsibility: when Republicans took control of the legislature in
2011, the state was nearly $2 billion in debt. Since this time, the current Republican majority has paid off that debt, and has moved towards a record $1.8 billion in savings reserve, or “rainy day” monies under the 2017 budget proposal. Resulting in an approximate $4 billion swing from debt to savings.

• A budget that is consistent in principle to previous biennium budgets that have produced revenue surpluses through tax relief and responsible spending. Please note that we have experienced budget surpluses each cycle while the naysayers falsely predicted that reducing the net tax burden for all individuals in our state would produce deficits. Predictions that tax relief would cause budget deficits in North Carolina have proven consistently false since 2011. Instead, the economy has grown, individuals have created jobs, and produced revenue surpluses in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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NC General Assembly Passes State Budget
Overrides Governor’s Budget Veto

The Budget Highlites:
Provides for Major Teacher Pay Raises,
Provides Middle Class Tax Cuts,
Provides Hurricane Matthew Relief

The Budget provides:

    A 10 percent average pay increase for teachers over the next two years.  Continuing 4 years of Teacher pay raises

    Returning more money to taxpayers by cutting taxes for middle-class families and small businesses.  (99% of taxpayers will pay less or NO personal income taxes as the plan becomes fully realized)

Appropriates $363 million  to the state Rainy Day Fund

$100 million for disaster relief from Hurricane Matthew.

    Adding more pre-Kindergarten slots to the budget; the bipartisan budget increases them by 3,525, eliminating 75 percent of the wait list for at-risk children.

one-time bonus for state retirees the governor requested with a recurring cost-of-living-adjustment.

Funds opioid and substance abuse treatment statewide.

Read Chris Millis comments on the Budget